What Happens If You Lose a Baby Tooth Too Early?

What Happens If You Lose a Baby Tooth Too Early?

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Loss of baby teeth (also known as primary teeth) is a natural process as the body makes room for the permanent adult teeth. However, it’s possible for a child to lose a baby tooth earlier than expected.

See your child’s pediatric dentist as soon as possible if this happens. Early loss of a baby tooth should be evaluated to see if space maintenance is necessary.

Reasons for Early Baby Tooth Loss

Children typically begin losing their baby teeth between the ages of five and six years old. That said, there are many reasons a child might lose a baby tooth earlier. Examples include the following:

  • Accidents (Trauma)
  • Dental Caries (Cavities)
  • Certain systemic diseases (Very rare)

As a parent, you can guard against early primary tooth loss by taking your child to see their dentist on a regular basis, scheduling necessary treatments right away when your dentist recommends, and teaching your child how to practice basic dental and oral hygiene.

What Happens When a Child Loses a Baby Tooth Early

When a child loses a primary tooth before an adult tooth is ready to take its place, there will be an open space in their mouth. The adjacent teeth may shift position and migrate into this space. Dental misalignments and crowding may result from this, particularly because the adult tooth won’t have room to erupt when it’s ready to.

How a Pediatric Dentist Can Help When a Child Loses a Baby Tooth Early

Schedule an appointment with your child’s dentist right away if they lose a tooth earlier than you believe they should have or if you see your child has cavities. 

During your visit, the dentist may evaluate the progress of the adult tooth. A dentist may review your child’s dental health history and their X-rays to decide whether any treatment is required. If it appears the adult tooth is likely to erupt in the near future, no additional treatment will be needed.

If they find that treatment is necessary, the dentist might equip your child with a space maintainer. A space maintainer is a small orthodontic appliance that, as the name implies, ensures the space left by the missing tooth remains unfilled until the adult tooth erupts.

Be aware that providing your child with a space maintainer now can save them the need for more extensive orthodontic work in the future (while also saving you money).

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