Pediatric Dentistry in Maplewood

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Your child’s visit will be anything but routine. It’s a time for smiles, laughs, high-fives, and learning healthy habits.

It is important to take care of a child’s first teeth, their primary teeth, because they aid in speech development, allow food to be properly chewed, and maintain space for permanent teeth. It is also important to develop good lifelong dental habits early on.

During your child’s hygiene appointment, our team will talk about healthy habits, such as brushing, flossing, and snacking. They will also learn how many times a day and for how long each they should brush their teeth to keep them healthy! Children also get to pick a surprise from the prize wall. Plus, we treat new patients to an electric spin brush. It’s our way of saying, “Welcome to our family!”

  • Sports Guards

    Many sports require athletes to use a mouth guard to protect their teeth while practicing and playing. A properly fitted mouth guard can reduce the severity of dental injuries.

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  • Sedation Options

    Nitrous oxide, sometimes referred to as “laughing gas,” is an effective and safe sedation agent that is inhaled through a mask that fits over your child’s nose. Mixed with oxygen, nitrous oxide allows the patient to breathe normally through their nose, and within minutes they should start to feel the effects. They may feel light-headed or notice a tingling in their arms and legs. Ultimately, they should feel comfortable and calm. The effects of nitrous oxide wear off quickly after the mask is removed. Talk to the doctor about whether nitrous oxide would be a good option for your child.

    We offer the option of IV sedation with a highly trained anesthesiologist. This is sometimes necessary when the dentistry could not be completed otherwise.

  • Emergency Dental Services

    If your child has a dental emergency, call our office right away, and we’ll find the right treatment to fit your needs.

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The Importance of Early Dental Care

Your child's first dental visit is an important milestone.

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