The BRIUS Technique

The BRIUS Technique

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With new advancements in technology, orthodontic treatment is always evolving. The goal is to find ways to straighten teeth and meet any complex needs in the easiest and most efficient manner possible. 

The latest treatment option that is available with this goal in mind is the BRUIS technique. It’s so new that many orthodontists have not acquired it into their practice. Just imagine receiving treatment that can work as well – or better – than traditional braces without all the work that goes along with them. 

Let’s talk about the BRUIS technique – and how it can benefit you. 

What is the BRUIS Technique? 

The BRUIS technique involves brackets that are placed on the back of the teeth, just like lingual braces. It keeps the world from seeing that you are getting orthodontic treatment every time you smile – and they are also easy to clean and maintain, too. The best part is that they don’t require adjustments – only monitoring by your orthodontist. 

Traditional braces can be bulky, require tightening appointments, and can make daily oral hygiene a daunting task. With the popular treatment Invisalign, you have to be responsible for your aligners, switching them out and wearing them for a certain number of hours every day if you want to stay on course with treatment. It can be a lot of added responsibility. 

With BRUIS brackets, you don’t have to worry about any of that. You can have your orthodontic treatment taken care of comfortably, privately – and, in some cases, faster than traditional options. 

Benefits of the BRUIS Technique

You have to know that when you choose this advanced orthodontic treatment that it is going to come with some amazing benefits, including: 

  • Minimal office visits. While your orthodontic team loves to see you, it can be an inconvenience to take time out of your day to make these appointments. With other treatment options, you may be required to visit the doctor every few weeks. But with BRUIS, one or two monitoring visits throughout treatment are all that are necessary. 
  • Easy to maintain. You can maintain your normal oral hygiene routine. 
  • Very discrete. Because they are behind your teeth, you cannot see the brackets when you smile. No one will know you are getting treatment.
  • Fast treatment time. The BRUIS technique moves all your teeth at once, helping you to reach results in nearly half the time as traditional braces. 
  • Comfortable. The BRUIS brackets don’t put pressure or force on the teeth so they don’t hurt or cause discomfort like other options. 

Candidates for BRUIS

The BRUIS technique may sound like an ideal option, but how do you know if it is the right choice for you? 

Ideal candidates for BRUIS are those who know they need orthodontic treatment but are looking for an invisible way of achieving it. It can treat orthodontic issues ranging from mild to severe, but may not be the best fit for those who have an extensive overbite. 

Why not see if you are a candidate for BRUIS?
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