How Is Invisalign Teen Different From Invisalign?

How Is Invisalign Teen Different From Invisalign?

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Invisalign Teen uses the same alignment technology as Invisalign for adults. However, there are several tiny differences between Invisalign treatment for teens and adults. The most obvious difference is the presence of a usage indicator (also known as a compliance indicator) on teen trays. This small dot changes color as the teen wears the trays in keeping with their treatment plan (20-22 hours per day).  Read on to learn more about other small differences between Invisalign Teen and Invisalign for adults. 

Usage Indicator is Unique to Invisalign Teen

To ensure your teen is wearing their Invisalign trays as prescribed in their treatment plan, parents can confirm by looking at the usage indicator on Invisalign teen trays. Failing to wear the trays at all times except when eating or drinking anything other than water will prolong treatment.

Invisalign Teen Allows For More Replacement Trays at No Additional Cost

Teenagers who misplace, throw away, or otherwise damage a set of Invisalign trays are eligible for up to six free replacement trays.

Invisalign Teen May Include Eruption Tabs

Teens who still have permanent teeth growing in will receive Invisalign trays that have eruption tabs. Eruption tabs make it possible for teens to begin treatment with Invisalign before the adult teeth have fully erupted.

Invisalign Teen May Be More Comfortable

Invisalign Teen and Invisalign for adults are both more comfortable than traditional metal braces. All the same, patients should be prepared to experience a sensation of pressure as the teeth and jaw are moved into proper alignment. However, teens are likely to experience lower levels of discomfort, due to greater flexibility when they are still growing.

Invisalign Teen May Offer Faster Results

Thanks to the malleability of young peoples’ bodies, the teeth may shift faster in teens than in adults. Teens may therefore notice changes to the alignment of their teeth within just weeks. 

The Same Rules Apply to Teens as Adults Wearing Invisalign

Aside from small differences, Invisalign treatment is the same for teens and adults. That means that the same rules apply to Invisalign and Invisalign Teen. These rules include:

  • You must remove the trays each time you drink anything other than water
  • You must remove the trays when you eat
  • You need to keep your trays safe from pets
  • Trays cannot be exposed to extreme heat
  • You will need to clean your trays thoroughly to prevent staining
  • Failing to wear your alignment trays as prescribed will delay your treatment
  • You will need to have regular checkups during your treatment
  • You will be responsible for the success of your treatment

If your teen is not as responsible as they could be, the usage indicators can help. However, if you have concerns about your teen’s compliance or responsibility, you may opt for braces that cannot be removed or lost.

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